Nick Kaye’s Walking Diary & Other Early Group Walks

Nick Kaye is one of the founder members of the South Wales LDWA local group in 1983. For several years he kept a detailed diary of his walking activities including local group walks. His diary included a route description in sufficient detail to recreate the route on a map together with lists of participants and a short report on the walk. Nick agreed to make his diary available both for a history of the group’s activities and to act as an inspiration for future group walks. See the full story on the 40th Anniversary Leekie’s Blether. To coincide with the 40th anniversary of the South Wales local group the route descriptions, GPX files and photographs (when available) from Nick’s Diary have been converted and uploaded to the group’s Walks Database on the website. Therefore these routes can be obtained  by following the links below.

Gerry Jackson, another founder member of the group, marked up routes of group walks on maps for a few years. By chance, these are not included in Nick’s diary. These will be added to the Walks Database as time permits over the next few months and therefore accessible using the links below.

If anyone wants to base a future group walk on these routes, please bear in mind that these are thirty to forty years old and a lot can change in that time, for example new roads, new housing estates, footpaths blocked or overgrown, forestry felled and planted. Therefore it is essential that they are fully recce’d before being repeated.