Walks Database – Overview

The South Wales group of the LDWA has built up a database that contains details of group walks going back to April 2005. From mid 2008 onwards many walks in the database include a GPX track of the route obtained by using a GPS device to record the route during the walk. The route for these walks can be displayed on a 1:50000 Ordnance Survey map and downloaded for future use. In addition since mid 2008 most walks will have a link to a gallery displaying photographs taken during the walk.

There are four ways to access the data for walks held in the database, all accessible by selecting the Walks Database item in the horizontal menu.

  • Select Walk Via Map. This displays a map with Leekie markers for four broad geographic areas. Clicking on a marker will display markers for all walks in that area. The side menu can be used to select all walks in a particular year or to select a different area.
  • Select Walks By Distance. This displays a small form, where a range of distances can be entered. To use enter two distances and press the Search button, for example to select walks between 20 and 21 miles, enter those two numbers, press Search and markers for all walks between those distances will be displayed on a map.
  • Future walks. This will display markers on a map for all future walks. Note that a marker in the Irish sea simply means that a date has been reserved for a walk but the leader has not yet entered a grid reference for the meeting point/start of the walk.
  • Annual lists. Displays lists of walks in chronological order by year (this is also accessible for convenience via the Walks Programme item in the horizontal menu). The list is a summary of each walk with links as described below.

The first three of these will display several Leekie markers on a map. Each marker represents one or more walks in the vicinity of the marker. A number inside the marker indicates that the marker represents that number of walks. The map can be zoomed in or out using a mouse wheel or the control in the top left corner – this can be used to separate overlapping markers prior to selection.

Clicking on a marker will pop up a small window that will display a summary of each walk covered by the marker. For a marker with several walks it may be necessary to scroll down the list in the window. The summary will include links to display full walk details and, If available, links to view the route on an OS map, download a zipped GPX file of the route and view photographs taken during the walk.