Walks Grading System

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Grade Meaning Distance Description
* Easy/Introductory Up to 18.0 miles A relatively short LDWA walk (usually less than 18 miles) without much climbing and on good paths. Ideal introduction to long distance walking.
** Moderate 18.1 to 22.0 miles A moderate distance LDWA walk (usually between 18 to 22 miles), likely to involve some climbing and potentially a small amount of off-path walking.
*** Hard 22.1 to 26.2 miles A longer walk (usually 22 to 26.2 miles) and likely to involve significant climbing and/or some off-path walking.
**** Strenuous 26.2 to 30.0 miles A long and tough walk (usually 26.2 to 30 miles), almost certainly involving a significant amount of climbing and may have some off-path walking.
***** Very Strenuous Above 30.0 miles This walk will have a highly challenging combination of length, climbing and/or terrain. It is likely to be more than 30 miles in length. It is recommended for experienced long distance walkers only.